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“AirSmart provides first class service with friendly, professional staff and top-notch amenities and cleanliness. The convenience it provides me in terms of flexibility in schedule and last minute planning is second to none. I have never had a flight request turned down.”

Sig Rogich, President of The Rogich Communications Group

“Steelman Aviation provides exceptional service and quick travel solutions. The team’s professionalism is first-rate! Captain Rick Williams, the tall drink of water that is the pilot, is always so welcoming and accommodating. Incredibly safe and luxurious; I am continually impressed when I fly with Steelman Aviation. I appreciate the attention and care put into every flight, ensuring an extraordinary charter. An overall fantastic, relaxing, and first-class experience you just can’t find anywhere else! Riiiiiicky… I’mm Hooooome!”

Marie Osmond / Singer, Actress

“Imagine going on a surprise vacation with 8 of your closest friends you have known since junior high. Now imagine that one of those friends had recently won the battle against breast cancer. A lot to celebrate in itself. Didn’t think it could get any better… but it did. The service we received from Rick Williams and Steelman Aviation made an already awesome vacation the trip of a lifetime! The attention to detail we received was second to none. For instance what pilot foregoes his golf clubs so that he can fit 8 girls, who definitely over packed, luggage in the plane? Rick did. The professionalism he portrayed made even the most nervous flyer of our group feel at ease. It was positively the smoothest ride any of us had ever experienced… commercial or private! We must have changed our plans 5 different times, and each time, Rick was there to say “it’s your girls’ trip… whatever you need”. The weather out of Napa for our flight home was less than desirable. Rick’s ability to make it again the smoothest ride ever comforted us all. Not only would I would recommend Rick as a pilot and Steelman Aviation to anyone, I can’t wait until our next BIG Girl’s trip to celebrate LIFE and get treated so wonderfully!”

Michelle Sargent

“As someone who has spent the better part of my professional life flying to countless cities and towns throughout America, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the special accommodations I receive from Steelman Aviation. From the reliability, to the spotless aircraft, and the friendly and professional staff, Steelman has never let me down. They make traveling enjoyable.”

Greg Maddux / MLB Hall of Fame