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Hassle Free Ownership.

Buy a share, gain a fleet.

The AirSmart Fractional Ownership program gives you all the benefits of aircraft ownership, without the stress. Our team handles all aspects of operating and maintaining the aircraft. You will never negotiate fuel prices, haggle over hangar leases, pay for costly maintenance, or deal with the time-consuming process of hiring, training and maintaining the best crew. Enjoy the luxury of private travel without operational complexities.


Fractional Owners purchase a share in a specific aircraft at a fixed cost per hour. Thanks to the outstanding performance of Pilatus aircraft, nearly twice as many airports become accessible to you. AirSmart has the only fleet in the West capable of landing on smaller runways, opening 21,000 useable airports, getting you closest to your destination

We offer shares at 50, 100, 150, and 200 hours.

Based out of Las Vegas, NV, we will fly
almost anywhere, domestic and



  • Travel on your own schedule
  • More efficient use of time
  • Pull up, unload and take off
  • Expansive cabin interiors
  • Comfort with luxury seating
  • Select who travels with you
  • Privacy, anonymity and confidentiality
  • Personal attention to comfort
    and requests




Overall Cost Savings

Owners get twice the benefits for a fraction of the price

Quality of Life

Travel with the whole family and bring all the gear

No Flight Windows/Minimum Flight Time

We do not have flight windows or minimums. We fly when you want to fly.

Tax Advantages

Enjoy capital gains depreciation on your share of the aircraft’s value

Aircraft Maintenance

All aircraft are maintained in compliance with Part 135 Regulations.


Enjoy landing on smaller runways, getting you closest to your destination

Free Repositioning

Free repositioning within the first 330 or 660 nautical miles

You get all the benefits of owning an aircraft including capital gains and depreciation without the headache of traditional ownership. AirSmart takes care of management fees, insurance, maintenance, annual inspections, FAA mandated repairs, pilot salaries, pilot training, fuel, landing fees, handling fees, airport taxes and use fees.