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AirSmart pilots have logged over 20,000 flight hours. Our Pilatus PC12 and PC24 aircraft are some of the safest planes in the world.

We are an FAA Certified Air Carrier meeting the highest requirements in regards to continual pilot training and continuous maintenance standards. The aircraft themselves are equipped with Terrain Avoidance Systems, Traffic Collision Avoidance systems and many more systems such as Synthetic Vision in the 2014 NG.

We pride ourselves on the highest level of safety possible when it comes to training of flight personnel, aircraft maintenance, and providing a reduced stress environment for our passengers, crews and employees. AirSmart has a SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM where anyone associated with our program can submit a safety concern or comment. AirSmart is a Gold member with ARGUS, and have always maintained a drug and alcohol program for all crew members.

NBAA’s goal is to create an environment that fosters business aviation in the United States and around the world. We pursue that goal by constantly striving to be a world-class organization that enhances safety, security and professionalism; provide operational assistance to our Members; shape public policy; project a positive image of our industry; and attend leading aviation shows and conferences.

The ARGUS Flight Department Best Practices Assessment was developed in response to the growing need for private operators around the world to verify that their flight operations are being managed according to globally recognized industry best practices. Flight departments that choose the ARGUS Flight Department Best Practices Assessment represent an elite group of non-commercial operators that demonstrate a continuous investment of time and resources into improving safety management.