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Black History Month: Flying is a Family Affair for Charter Executive

Feb 2021

Not everyone has flown more than 7,000 hours in 75 different kinds of aircraft. Then again, not everyone soloed on their 16th birthday. And most business aviation pilots, after flying for their “day” job, don’t use their free time to compete in aerobatic competitions or the Reno Air Races.

Afraid of flying commercial? Private NLV-based air carrier welcomes your business

February 2021

Many would-be air travelers are hesitant to fly on commercial flights during the pandemic out of social-distancing concerns, realizing the risk of sitting for an extended period of time next to someone potentially carrying the virus isn’t worth the risk.

Private-flight carrier AirSmart in North Las Vegas has provided a different option, as its flights are limited to eight passengers — none of whom are strangers. Officials at AirSmart say business is up 20% from this time last year.

AirSmart Featured on the Cover of the Pilatus 2021 Calendar

Jan 2021

A stunning image of AirSmart’s PC-24 made the cover of the 2021 Pilatus Calendar.

AirSmart Recognized as Flight Department of the Year

December 2020

When internationally recognized entertainment venue architect Paul Steelman purchased a Pilatus PC-12 in 2005, he never foresaw the global economic crisis that would hit just 3 years later.

Countless aircraft owners were forced to sell their assets, and droves of corporate operators shuttered their flight departments. However, where others saw adversity, Steelman saw opportunity.

AirSmart is the first PC-24 to have landed on an unpaved runway in the

PC-24 and PC-12 In the Nevada Desert

March 2019

AirSmart is based in Las Vegas and provides private flights throughout the Western USA. The company flies a fleet comprised exclusively of Pilatus aircraft and currently operates five PC-12s and one PC-24.