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Fractional Ownership

Hassle Free Ownership

Fractional Owners purchase a share in a specific aircraft at a fixed cost per hour. However, if your specific aircraft is undergoing maintenance or is in use by another owner when you want to fly, you have access to any aircraft in the AirSmart fleet. Thanks to the outstanding performance of Pilatus aircraft, nearly twice as many airports become accessible to you. AirSmart has the only fleet in the West capable of landing on smaller runways, opening 21,000 useable airports, getting you closest to your destination.

You get all the benefits of owning an aircraft including capital gains and depreciation without the headache of traditional ownership. AirSmart takes care of management fees, insurance, maintenance, annual inspections, FAA mandated repairs, upgrades, pilot salaries, pilot training, fuel, landing fees, handling fees, airport taxes and use fees.

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